The Perfect San Francisco Summer Day!

Katie and Will are just a very special couple. One is lucky to meet one person like this in a lifetime let alone two! When we met, they told me about their passion of kayaking together in their blue and gold kayaks. Will spent two years in Afghanistan where he met many of his groomsmen. So, life is precious to them, and their love for each other and caring for their friends and family was evident on their wedding day! Cavallo Point is a magical place. But as all of us know who live in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge area can be foggy and windy. We had a little wind to contend with, but the blue sky days of the wedding and the following day were amazing! From the ceremony to the last song by a great band, the wedding day was perfect! The video and pictures should be spectacular… Can’t wait to see them! A honeymoon relaxing in Fiji was well deserved! I’m sure they will be back on the bay in their kayaks for the first time as a married couple soon!