Hearts of Gold!

Where do I start about how I feel about this couple, their families and my experience assisting them with their beautiful wedding? From the moment I first spoke with Angela’s future mother-in-law, Renee, I just knew it was the perfect match. I had just bought a navy blue dress, which was in their color palate. It was a sign! Angela works tirelessly in the field of non-profit, and Connor is a teacher to tough high school students with with unfortunate hard lives. Both are kind, giving, polite, patient and BUSY. Angela knew exactly what she wanted, so my job was to make sure it all came together and was executed perfectly. From the fun of getting ready to the touching ceremony; the dramatic first dance to the finish hour of Italian pastries, I loved every minute of working this wedding. I am sad that it is over and that my daily interaction is finished… but I know that we will keep in touch over the many wedding anniversaries to come!